About Us

Being born and raised in a home her father built, Hannah Rose Crabtree always knew she would build her own home.

Combine a heritage of building, with an innate desire to design, and an intense love of all things tiny, Pocket Mansions was born.

Pocket Mansions is Seattle's premier Tiny House design company focusing on not only appearance, but functionality and sustainability.


Our tiny houses are developed and personalized with you. From floor layout to color scheme every aspect of your tiny home is custom.


After your design is finalized, each plan is submitted and approved by the National Organization of Alternative Housing. This means our framing, electrical and plumbing are built to applicable codes and your finished home will qualify for tiny house insurance.


Tiny houses are as versatile as they are controversial. To stay up to date on local tiny house events, classes, council meetings, build parties and volunteer events check out our meetup;

Mission Statement

To make tiny houses safe and accessible for everyone.

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