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Start your tiny house journey with our Tiny House Class!

Whether you're just starting out or stuck in the process, we have a class for you!

You can schedule classes by e-mailing us at

All our classes are available online and in-person!


Tiny House Class

  • Planning to build your own tiny house?

  • Planning on buying or hiring a builder?

  • Are you stuck in the design phase?

This class is for anyone that is considering a tiny house in their lives. Whether you want to build it, buy it, have it custom made, rent one out to others, sell them yourself, this class will have information you need. I went from building a deck, a fence, a tiny house, custom tiny homes, doing large scale remodels and additions for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Throughout all of that I have made mistakes and learned more. Every class I take, every project I do, I learn more and it makes my tiny home builds quicker, more efficient and more affordable. I am a licensed, bonded, insured General Contractor by trade and I am a tiny house designer and builder at my core. The tiny house industry is very new and barely regulated. Laws are being fought for, fought against, legislation being passed and the nation’s housing crisis getting worse everyday. I change and update this class constantly due to how influx the tiny house world is.


This class can take place in the Maiden Mansion tiny house, or it can take place over the internet using Zoom conference.


The class takes about five hours. In this class I will go over the entire build process and show what can be easily done by individuals with no experience and what will take more research or in some circumstances (depending on your design), we suggest the use of professional help. We also go over how to work with trade professionals as that can be just as difficult as doing it yourself. We go over choosing a trailer, proper framing techniques, correct fasteners to use, plumbing, venting, electrical and so much more. By the end of this class you will have an understanding of the time and resources it will take to build yourself, what research you'll have to do and how to make decisions to end up with the best build you can. We will also go over many real-life tiny house mistakes from DIY-ers to builders alike, sharing these stories so that you avoid repeating them can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.


The internet and HGTV has done a great job getting tiny houses into the public consciousness, but also spreading a mass amount of misinformation about them as well. So we will get you up to date on what a tiny house is, what tiny living means, the time and resources it takes to build yourself or hire a builder and after this class you will be able to make an informed decision about what role tiny houses can play in your life and what pathway to take.


Since tiny houses are so new and mostly unregulated, this can be a harrowing task. There are a lot of questions that a buyer should be asking before purchasing or planning a tiny house. When living in such a small space, every inch must be taken into consideration. What appliances to use and how to deal with wastewater are much bigger decisions than in an average sized home on a foundation. There are pros and cons to everything from the type of insulation to the type of windows and by the time your home is out of warranty is when you’ll notice the differences in the quality of these materials. We want to make sure no matter who builds your home, you're getting a home that will maintain its value by being efficient, sustainable, and livable in the long run. Whether you are planning to purchase a ready made tiny house or have one custom built, this class will walk you through the steps you'll need to take and the questions you'll need answers to in order to make an informed decision and end up with a tiny house that matches your needs, wants and lifestyle.


We will also go over tiny house design as this is crucial whether you are planning to build it yourself, hire a builder, or haven't decided yet, this class will focus on incorporating everything you need and want in your design. How do you decide on roof pitches, toilets, siding? How will you be able to fit all of your belongings and still have enough space to live comfortably? When is it appropriate to use salvaged materials? How big of a fridge do you need? What are the guidelines to ensure you design a home that will be comfortable, functional and efficient? We will answer these questions and so much more in this class.


Everyone’s tiny house situation is different and since these classes are almost always one-on-one or very small it is easy to tailor tiny house information to your current situation.


For any questions or to schedule a class e-mail us at

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