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Maiden Mansion


Mari's Mansion


Emerald Lodge

Maiden Mansion

160 sq ft

A home that includes all the amenities of an average home, adorned with cedar and copper, downsize without sacrifice.

Enter the Maiden Mansion and walk into a living room that also converts into a dining room as well as a guest bed.

To your left there are coat hooks and further along the wall there is a copper fireplace with a custom cedar mantel.
The kitchen begins with 8 feet of counter space. Copper speckled Corian countertops. Hand-hammered copper sink. Portable gas cooktops. Kitchen hood. Custom cedar kitchen cabinets, pull out garbage, recycling and compost bins.

Opposite this you have a combination washer/dryer unit under the stairs. Combination microwave/convection oven unit. Pantry closet with a full-length mirror on the inside of the door. Apartment sized refrigerator and freezer.

The end of the house is the bathroom with a shower, mini-tub. One-of-a-kind inlaid brass sink as well as brass faucets and fixtures. A flush toilet. Large vanity and shelves. A silent bathroom fan with humidity sensor.

At the top of the stairs you will find a laundry chute that drops the laundry into a basket inside the kitchen pantry.

In the loft bedroom there is an organic bed, handmade cedar headboard, gooseneck reading lamps, USB wall outlets, cedar closet and shelves.

With eleven windows, three skylights and a vaulted ceiling for the living area, this house feels anything, but tiny.

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Mari's Mansion

224 SQ FT

This home was designed specifically for Mari, with her physical capabilities in mind, her cat Spike and her dog Bubba.

Upon entry Mari can fold and tuck away her walker. She has an organic couch, with movable ottoman. The ottoman is storage, there are two drawers under the couch, and a feeding area for Spike.

She has a fold down dining table. We made the table from a raw cedar slab and filled it with quartz crystals and hand crushed turquoise gemstone. The shelf that is hiding her walker and dining table also houses her TV that can shift to be viewed in the living room or in her bedroom. Mari’s bed platform has lots of storage, she also has a closet and built in bedside table. We built steps on the wall so Spike can wander throughout the home.

Mari’s kitchen has two counters opposite of each other. She has a large double compartment sink with pull out garbage, recycling cans underneath. Mari’s other counter has a built-in bamboo cutting board. She can easily sweep crumbs or kitchen scraps into plastic containers sitting in the drawer directly under the cutting board. She has a microwave/convection also built into her custom kitchen cabinets. All of Mari’s kitchen cabinets are either drawers or pull-out shelves. Our favorite feature is the shelf inside her kitchen pantry that has her Kitchen Aid mixer on it so she never has to lift that heavy mixer up and down!

We built a barn door that can slide out and separate the house into two. On the side of the door facing the kitchen the door has a Mexican tapestry protected inside plexiglass. On the other side it has a full- length mirror. By closing this door, this gives the bathroom a large dressing area.

Mari’s house has two front doors. This way people can enter the house separately at night time. Also pets can be led straight into the bathroom from outside.

The bathroom is decorated with cedar and stainless steel. Her bathroom sink is an antique bowl. She has a litter box under her sink and a Separett composting toilet. Mari likes to inform people that it is far easier and much quicker to empty her own toilet than the cat’s litter box. We even built a small door inside her bathroom so everything can go straight outside instead of through the house.

The back end of her house has stairs leading to the guest room. Under these stairs is a combination washer/dryer unit as well drawers and pull out shelves.

We took great care in designing the electric layout in Mari’s house. She has three different types of lighting: overhead dimmable lighting, LED color-change strip lighting, flexible gooseneck lamps by beds and couch.

She also has three-way switches so that if she is laying in bed she can turn off all her lights without getting up again.

This house has seventeen windows and a skylight above both beds.

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Emerald Lodge

144 SQ FT

Upon entering the tiny house, you enter a very transformative living space. Four chairs are tucked away on the wall, the dining room table is folded down and there is a bench to sit on. Even when the dining table is folded down there is still plenty of table space created by the sill of the bay window. The dining table extension can be folded up and the chairs can be brought out. If a guest bed is needed, all of this can be hidden away. Now the bench opens up to reveal a full size, and fully made bed. There is enough room to accommodate all the blankets and pillows inside this hidden bed box. This bed pulls out and now the space has become a bedroom. There is also a hidden drawer that pulls out as extra storage.

With two steps you find yourself in the kitchen. A concrete countertop is laid on top of handmade cedar cabinets. There is a hand hammered nickel sink and custom made shelves along the wall. Since this tiny house was designed as a vacation property for short term stays, this kitchen has everything anyone will need for a few nights. A microwave, cook top, coffee maker and fridge.

Now you'll head up the second set of steps, made out of custom black piping just as the railings are as well. The main bedroom has a full sized bed, a large skylight right above the pilllows so that a person has extra head room when sitting up in bed. There is a headboard and a table behind the headboard with outlets for electronics. To the right of the bed is a large surface perfect for a TV or can easily be transformed into a closet if this home became a full time residence. Sitting in bed you can see that there is also storage above the bathroom.

Going back downstairs and through the kitchen there is the door that leads to the bathroom. To the left there is a Separett waterless toilet and custom cedar shelves. To your right is a large hand hammered nickel sink mounted on a handmade maple slab which has been inlaid with pewter. Finally as you round the corner again, you'll find a full size bathtub built into the floor, a rain head shower, a metal shower surround and a skylight above to make for a shower much larger than most homes have hidden away inside this eighteen foot long tiny house. 

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